New Year, New Start

It’s definitely way past time that I dusted off this blog,and while the start of a new year certainly shouldn’t be the only reason neededto make good on those plans you keep promising yourself to get underway, theturning of the clock into 2019 does provide a good springboard to start this pageof personal musings afresh.

A lot has happened for the KPLangers Crue since my last post. Rather than provide a full round-up, it might be best to look at current progress to gain an insight into the past. MJ is now well into her second year at university, where’s she’s studying Film Production – a future JJ Abrahms in the making we hope (no pressure). Tizer is now into his final year at secondary, which means those all-important GCSEs. Allana and Aleesha are just beginning their journey on the GCSE trail. BB will be moving into secondary school later this year. And CJ has moved from foundation into his first proper year at primary. All in all, lots of transitional phases that we have helped them through as best we can. There are also sure to be plenty of future success stories to tell!

The last few years have certainly also been transitional for KP and myself. Not only have we both stepped into new careers – KP in a HR role and myself more fully for both Red Scar and Modiphius – but we have also begun taking active steps to leave behind a lot of negativity that had been holding us back, both as a couple and as a family. As you’ve probably gathered from that, I have stepped away from my career on the railway and am now working full-time as both a writer and creative lead between our own company and the wonderful family at Modiphius. Though I am determined to continue the momentum and make the best of the opportunity, it’s still hard to absorb exactly how far I have travelled in both these arenas in such a short time.

A mammoth 192 page project

Last year in particular was a stand-out year for myself as a writer and creative lead, again for both Red Scar and Modiphius. For the latter, I successfully oversaw the inception and delivery of my biggest project yet in the form of Infinity the Roleplaying Game’s Gamemaster’s Guide, launched the Mutant Chronicles Living Campaign, wrapped up the crossover rules for the Siege of the Citadel board game and the Mutant Chronicles Roleplaying Game, and was honoured with a prestigious ENnie for my work on the Conan GM Screen booklet. For the former, I oversaw the successful funding of the Devil’s Run RPG kickstarter, had my first short story published by Word Forge Games (also for the Devil’s Run), and signed a contract with the talented team at Mantic Games to produce Kings of War the Roleplaying Game for their own successful fantasy line.

An excerpt from the Conan GM Screen booklet
And the Silver ENnie

With that roundup now shared, I think you’ll agree that it’s not only a good time to talk about recent past success but to also look forward to future opportunities! Just before the new year, I met up with Scott Grenney from eddystonemedia and took some very helpful advice concerning social media activity and online presence, so I’ve made myself a promise to continue to develop my accessibility in both personal and professional terms. This year, I’ve made a commitment to myself that I will strive to be the leader I know I can be for our family, which will include a conscious effort to make some lifestyle changes.

Look forward to Kings of War the Roleplaying Game later this year

I’d love to hear some of your own success stories from lastyear or personal goals for this year, so please take some time to share yoursbelow!

Overdue Update

Once again, I owe you my sincere apologies for a long overdue update. My intention is to keep this post as a short round-up, as there are lots of changes afoot; some of which I will discuss here, others that I don’t yet wish to draw attention to. Best not to speak too soon, particularly as they involve such positive changes for our family.

A crazy summer of fun for the KPLangers Crew culminated with two unexpected, unrelated, but equally important emails. As I’ve already alluded to, I can’t discuss either of these two emails in their entirety yet, although I will keep you informed as developments progress.

The first email that arrived in my inbox (, if you didn’t know) came from Mark Rapson, owner of Word Forge Games, and designer/creative lead for their Devil’s Run: Route 666 boardgame that successfully kickstarted back in May. I’d met Mark at Dragonmeet in 2014, and we’d had a chance to catch up again at the UK Games Expo this year, which was pretty much mid-kickstarter campaign for Mark; manic doesn’t quite cover it. It transpired that Mark had solid background concepts for the playable factions that form the basis for Devil’s Run; concepts that required fleshing out. Unexpectedly, he asked if I’d like to take on some of the writing for this. After re-reading the email to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me, I leapt at the chance.

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