Finding the right words to use as the opening of my return to blogging following such a long hiatus is much harder than I thought it would be. The reasons for my extended absence are complicated and involved; maybe I’ll share them here one day or include them in my memoirs, but for now – for a number of reasons – I’ll just say that a tumultuous year severely impinged upon my ability to coalesce my thoughts and experiences through the use of this blog.


It has, however, always been my intention to make a return to these (un)hallowed pages. Narcissism aside, I genuinely do find the whole process involved in producing a post to be somewhat somewhat cathartic. I’m able to better reflect on the events that have led to the subject at hand, which also perhaps allows me to consider something insightful that hadn’t occurred to me before. I also like to think that these posts are having a positive impact on other people’s lives in some way – even if it’s just the opportunity for colleagues to remember old friendships and reflect on the good times; I’m lucky to have been blessed with a lot of friendships throughout the course of my life, which has included plenty of opportunity for smiles and laughter.

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Irish Eyes Are Smiling

First things first, and once again, apologies! Time has rapidly slipped away from me throughout a busy few months. The days and weeks since my last update have really taken me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions at a breakneck speed; from attending the UK Games Expo, to losing my beloved Nan Bridie. My inane ramblings are far too inadequate a tribute to such an amazing and colourful lady, but this post – and its title – are dedicated to the memory of Mary Bridget Langworthy; mother to seven children, grandmother to nineteen grandchildren, great grandmother to…well, I think we’re still counting.

Losing my nan, who was such an icon to our family and who represented a force of nature personified, certainly hit me hard. The points I raised during an earlier introspective post were driven home deeply; ‘Little Nan’ and I, like so many of our family, had spent a lot of time together during my youth. Throughout my early years the Langworthy’s would regularly gather at my grandparents home for lively celebrations that ranged from birthdays to Christmas. Sadly, the older I became the less we seemed to gather, though I made sure to pay regular visits during my far-ranging paper delivery rounds; your Nelson Squares were always a treat nan, though my jaws still ache from crunching on your Rock Cakes!

Nan & Grandad Langworthy from '93 ish

Nan & Grandad Langworthy from ’93 ish

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