Defining KPLangers

About meKPLangers arrived in November 2011, when two lost souls found love and began treading the same path together. We have never looked back, always look forward, and will always remain true.



I am Marc Langworthy – one half of KP Langers. I’ve walked many paths in my relatively short life. In 1998 I took the Queen’s shilling, serving as an electronic technician in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, where I spent the majority of my time fixing Challenger 2 MBT’s for A Squadron (20th) King’s Royal Hussars until my departure  with an honourable discharge in 2005.   The end of my military career led straight to a new career with Network Rail as a Signalling Technician. In 2011, I became a Signaller and essentially played traffic lights with trains. Signallers are fast becoming an endangered species with the advent of new technology, so I diverted my creative talents along new, exciting, and engaging paths.



In 2018, I left the railway to engage full-time as a writer and creative lead for Red Scar and Modiphius Entertainment. Taking this step allowed me to rapidly grow my skills as a project manager, editor, art director, writer, and creative director. All of which culminated in me moving into a role as Line Manager for Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD at EN Publishing in 2019.



I live in Plymouth with my wonderful partner, our children, and our cat, Poppy. I’m positive you’ll get to know them over my blogs.



Over the years I have enjoyed surfing, wake-boarding, snow-boarding, keeping fit, music (which is mine and my partner’s medicine), reading, on-line gaming (mainly as an orc shaman called Gortack in World of Warcraft), writing, and roleplaying. Writing and RPG’s are where my heart lie, though; combining the two is a favourite pastime.

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