It’s Been How Long? (Part 1)

When I made the firm commitment to return to this blog and once again dust it off, my mind told me that I had only been away for six months or so. Then I landed here and the realisation struck that it has been almost eighteen! A lot has happened in that time, of course. Almost enough to warrant the beginning of a whole new blog. Rather than begin afresh, however, I will offer a quick roundup of the past year’s events where KPLangers are concerned and offer a firm promise to return on at least a monthly basis!

Before I launch into a brief accounting of the last year, I’d just like to offer my thoughts on exactly why I am returning to this blog. As a writer and creative mind, it can be all-too easy for me to get carried away by the current project or draft. Documents whizz through approvals in a blur. And when mixed with a busy family life, it can sadly (and strangely) be surprisingly easy to forget all the achievements that have been made both as our KPLangers Crue and as an individual. Hopefully, then, this blog serves a dual purpose: a reminder to myself of everything that has whizzed by in our busy lives at home, and a small snapshot for your good selves into my own musings and our family’s life.

It’s been a busy time, but we have managed to get most of the family together on the odd occasion!

On the home-away-from-home front, MJ has wrapped up her final year at Solent University in Southampton. We are very proud of the achievements she has made during her time there, which included a crowdfunded project for her final assignment and even a chance to help our very own Red Scar by creating the video for our own Kings of War the Roleplaying Game kickstarter. A huge congratulations to MJ for seeing that through successfully!

There have also been lots of transitions for the other members of the family, with TD starting his first year of sixth form – a huge shock to the system, no doubt, but a task he has risen to well. Our twins moved into Year 10 and have faced the looming challenge of their first real exams with a fine mix of maturity and introspection. For her part, BB has moved to secondary school, where she continues to earn the praise of her peers and teachers; she certainly has a head beyond her years! And last but by no means least, CJ has tackled Year 2 with his characteristic diligence and enthusiasm. He has also taken up kickboxing at the Master’s Academy in Plymouth, where he continually takes great pride in his advancements.

CJ with an earlier belt – he’s on blue now!

And on our own personal front, KP and myself started on an amazing adventure with the RP Haven CiC. Over the last few years, KP has done an amazing job of establishing and growing a gaming community within the Plymouth area. Let’s make no bones here, I have been very much a supporting act in this endeavour. The whole gelling of the community is very much down to her passion for reaching out, bringing people together, and introducing people to the various benefits of gaming in all its tabletop forms.

The RP Haven CiC, sponsored by the mighty Wizards of the Coast, nonetheless!

Our club began a few years back under the guise of Game On Plymouth, which KP launched as a means to not only support our family’s passion for gaming, but also introduce people to the great fun we ourselves experience when we get together. Although we held a weekly club night, we also began hosting free sessions at libraries and local conventions, all of which always received great feedback. Fast forward to August 2019 and we were welcomed in to the fold of the humble and compassionate family of the RP Haven. Huge kudos to KP for developing the club into what it is today! And a huge thank you to Gordon and Quinn for stepping on board as part of the committee to support our growth and stability.

A snapshot of the children’s D&D sessions that take place at RP Haven Plymouth. BB, CJ, and co. enjoy their games!

It goes without saying that there have been many more successes, lessons learned, and opportunities to grow in and around those mentioned here, but these are certainly the major triumphs. Look forward to the next blog post, where I hope to take you along on some of my own personal adventures.

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