Post Expo Debrief

As explained right at the start of the dedication to my legendary Nan, the months since my last post have been filled with real highs and lows. I took time out and focussed on the most important thing in the world: my family.

Whilst I slowly readjust and refocus I’d like to use this post as an opportunity to review my time at the UK Games Expo. I shall also enlighten you as to other developments that have occurred during the time since my self-imposed silence.

UK Games Expo:

Firstly, a huge thanks to Chris Birch, owner and Creative Director of Modiphius Entertainment, who invited me along for the weekend to become part of the team. I was also entrusted with the respectable task of running demo games for the entire range of 2d20 titles that are currently in production, namely: Mutant Chronicles, Conan, and Infinity.

I hadn’t seen any of the Modiphius family in person since Dragonmeet, but that didn’t stop the crew welcoming me back into the fold; and this despite the fact that I managed to wipe the party during the ‘in-house’ playtest of Conan that I ran for Chris, Nathan Dowdell, Michal Cross and Bill Heron. That’ll be the owner, lead writer and graphic/creative genius from Modiphius, plus my other demo companions for the weekend – no pressure again then!

Infininity playtest in full flow, with Lynne talking Swords, Cakes & Cogsticks

Infinity playtest in full flow, with Lynne talking Swords, Cakes & Cogsticks

The whole weekend became an enjoyable whirlwind that culminated with Mutant: Year Zero winning the UK Games Expo award for ‘Best Roleplaying Game’! I’m now lucky enough to own a copy of this – thanks again to Chris – so I’ll be looking forward to running this for my gaming group.

Mutant: Year Zero wins the well deserved best RPG award

Mutant: Year Zero wins the well deserved best RPG award

Don’t forget to show your own support for Mutant: Year Zero, Achtung! Cthulhu, and Mindjammer during the votes for a prestigious ENnie award. Let’s not forget, however, that a certain cooperative boardgame was also being showcased over the weekend – FAB!

FAB! Thunderbirds being put through its paces.

FAB! Thunderbirds being put through its paces.

We were graced with some fantastic cosplay throughout the three days, I thoroughly enjoyed the games I ran over the weekend, and Nathan, Bill and I received great feedback from the groups that we introduced to Modiphius‘ products. While Nathan and I kept to the 2d20 system, Bill also ran both Acthung! Cthulhu and Mutant: Year Zero; you can read his insightful report here. One question remains though: will the three amigos reconvene for Dragonmeet 2015?

Whilst specifically attending to represent Modiphius, I also managed to dedicate some time during short breaks to assisting my comrades within the UK Gaming Media Network (UKGMN). It was great to finally meet Chris Bowler and some of the other members that make up our friendly community, if somewhat daunting to interview some very passionate people about their products. There is a very insightful interview with Chris Birch himself Chris Birch interview (though not by me I must add!), with some teasing insights related to future products; I’m certainly looking forward to those announcements!

I returned home on the Sunday exhausted but exhilarated. Many thanks again to Chris, Nathan, Bill, Michal, Lynne, Rich, Zarina, and Jono for welcoming me a second time and making me part of the Modihpius family for the weekend; I shall look forward to entertaining my family with the zany randomness that defines the storytelling creativity of Lugu!

The Modiphius family

The Modiphius family, from left to right: Jono, me, Nathan, Lynne, Rich, Zarina, Michal, and Chris. Bill somehow managed to dodge every photo taken!

Other developments:

Modiphius have most certainly not stood still since the Expo. With error reports and layout virtually complete, the eagerly anticipated release of the Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition is imminent. In addition to this, backers will also have received their version 1 of the Mishima faction pdf to peruse and analyse. The artwork of Red Scar Publishing‘s very own Toma Feizo-Gas, alongside the talented hands of Paul Bonner, Peter Bergting, and Christian Rodrigo Quinot to name a few, really bring to life the tradition, culture and lifestyle of this honour-bound megacorporation. This is exemplified in an illustration which is my personal favourite: a Hatamoto and Corporate Samurai stood side-by-side to distinguish the two facets involved in representing your Daimyo. I know there has been a lot of hard work behind the scenes to produce this pdf, and it certainly shows! Bring on the Brotherhood and Imperial factions!

Whilst my own personal loss has seen me take a step back, Red Scar has continued to produce work for its current projects. Artwork for the Dark Symmetry Campaign is all but complete and, having had the privilege to have been involved with the art direction from the outset, I cannot wait until the whole ensemble is unleashed upon the rpg community. A dark, immersive, and intriguing story has been outstandingly complimented with the artwork produced by Toma and his team.

Writing and playtesting for The Purging of The Crucible is also complete! I have thoroughly enjoyed every step involved in creating this adventure and there are many people to thank; not least of whom are Chris Birch, for providing me with the opportunity to write this book, and Mr J, for his stalwart friendship despite my constant badgering for proof-reading and editing. Layout and production for TPoTC will continue once the fulfilment to the Mutant Chronicles kickstarter campaign is complete, so expect to hear more on this then!

There are many more exciting developments to reveal as our relationship with Modiphius continues to grow; look forward to future updates as they progress.

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  1. Thanks for the mention and praise! I think the whole team worked incredibly hard that weekend. On the Saturday night I pretty much crashed after my last game finished at midnight! When you’re winging it, it’s probably not a good idea to have been running games since 10am…
    I’m sure the Three Amigos will muster again!

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