Finding balance

So. It’s been over a week since my last post. Does this mean I’ve been sitting back and twiddling my thumbs? Or perhaps you may think that after an initial blog spree my interest has tapered off. I’m glad to say the truth is far from either of those!


I’ve thought about writing a blog post before today. I’ve logged in to WordPress to update plug-ins, to check on comments and feedback (please feel free to leave comments, I really appreciate them – good and bad) and to play with settings. But I’ve intentionally not written before now. Part of the reason is that I would like to write structured, informed and meaningful posts. I don’t want to inundate you with trivial posts that lack substance and meaning. Another part of the reason is in the title of this post – Finding balance. With a large, busy family and a full time job to keep me occupied (read about me here), you can imagine that life gets pretty hectic. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not bemoaning my fate; the only thing I would change about my life is also a large incentive for me to continue blogging, writing and submitting work to be published. I’m trying to set the scene which led to the title of this post.


Our family is, of necessity, a well-oiled machine; albeit a machine that sometimes clanks, pops, hisses, steams, nearly pulls itself apart in different directions and occasionally settles with a sigh. At the centre of that machine sit my partner and I. Without that centre, the whole wouldn’t function. I very much cherish this seemingly obvious truth and like to ensure that we have time to appreciate each other and to listen and engage with each other. So, at times when I could be reaching for my laptop to ponder and pontificate, I have purposefully balanced how much I have achieved as KP Langers the writer that week against how much time I have dedicated to Team KP Langers. We also need to balance our time with our children, who are an extension of Team KP Langers. They’re all of different ages with different needs and they all benefit greatly from family time and one-on-one time. Add to this the fact that my partner has also successfully registered as a child minder while I, as you know, am trying to get established as a writer and I think you’ll agree there is plenty to balance! I also hope you’ll agree with me when I say life is all about finding a balance; too much of  something will impact on other areas of your life, quite often with unexpected, undesired and unpleasant results.


This past week I have managed to edit the prologue of Cold Winds Blow (still not sure if I’m settled on that title). I was a bit shocked and embarrassed at the quality of work I had written, though I can safely say it certainly reads a lot better now. Again, please feel free to leave a comment or to add me to your reading list; you are the people who will help me to be an enthused, engaged and more competent writer. I’ve also met up with old friends, one of whom is now working with me on a writing project that I’m very excited about – more on that in future posts, though said project has also taken up a fair bit of my time. All of this productivity led me to realising I needed to balance this with everything above and to share this with you all, so that you can understand why I am not constantly and needlessly blogging.


I hope this post has provided you with some insight and food for thought. Maybe there is something in your life that you could analyse and balance against your other needs, demands, desires and dreams? Look forward to my next post, which will most likely be a review of the Fate Core roleplaying system, which is published by Evil Hat Productions LLC and forms the core system for the Achtung! Cthulu and Dresden Files RPG’s.


One last thing: I would like to dedicate my first ever review to my good friend Bevan J, who is currently bobbing around on the North Sea as I type this. You have been a tireless supporter from the outset. You’re critique of my review certainly gave me plenty to think about and this, coupled with your advice, helped it to be the polished piece of writing it is now. A heartfelt thanks from me my friend and safe journey home to us soon.

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