7 R’s

Welcome to my second ever post! What are the 7 R’s you might ask? The answer is: Rudimentary rumination on release, reaction, rallying and resources at my repository. I’m trying to be clever and facetious, hopefully I’m not coming across as pompous!


It’s been almost a week since my maiden post, so I thought it was about time to report, reflect and (I’ve run out of r’s!) conspire. I’ve spent my most of my time tackling WordPress head on.  I’m very proud of my results here so far, particularly when I consider that, before last Monday, I hadn’t even acknowledged the fact there is a whole stream of code working behind the images we see when we visit a web page. I’m still not finished, but hope you’ll agree it’s a good beginning.


I’ve also been scouring forums and blog sites, seeking advice and information on making a success of myself as a writer and author. This all led me to a fundamental insight: To succeed I need to continue to read and write. I’ve no doubt the forums and blogs are helping; I’ve already picked up on a few cardinal sins and will seek to edit my works as soon as possible. I’ve also no doubt that the shrewd, fundamental insight I achieved will also help me; I’m a firm believer of the adage ‘you can never know too much’. To that end, once editing is complete, my next personal goals will be to complete the second chapter of my book and to write a review. I’ve been a bit active over on the Onyx Path forum for Scarred Lands and one of the discussions has centred around the RPG system Onyx Path will use for new Scarred Lands material. 13th Age has been mentioned a few times, but is not a system I’m familiar with. I’ve managed to secure a pdf copy and will seek to write a review within the next week.


I’ve been completely inspired by taking these first steps and have a couple of avenues that I’d like to consider in the future. I’ll make sure to keep you updated in future posts on these, my submissions and the progress of my works over on wattpad.


I’m overwhelmed by the support I’ve received from friends and family so far. Thank you to everyone for your comments and for having the faith that I can succeed. I can only hope to make everybody proud of what I achieve and if my father’s reaction on Saturday was anything to go by, I’m heading in the right direction. Thank you Dad.

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