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OK (deep breath). Hi there, I’m Marc Langworthy. I’m an independent writer and GM, welcome to my inaugural blog site! Why am I taking these tremulous first steps into the world of blogging? I’ve always believed I could tell a good yarn; I’ve run some very successful RPG campaigns over the years that are still fondly discussed by my friends today. More recently, I’ve hosted some short stories over at wattpad that have received some great feedback, feel free to check me out – KPLangers. You’ll also find the beginnings of my novel over there, tentatively called Cold Winds Blow.

That’s not the only reason, however. Back in the dim recesses of my misspent gaming youth, my friends and I enthusiastically took to a ground breaking techno-fantasy roleplaying game called Mutant Chronicles. In March of this year I jumped in on a successful Kickstarter project, which will see Mutant Chronicles updated to it’s 3rd edition by the team over at Modiphius Entertainment. Chris Birch (founder and publisher for Modiphius) has unintentionally, and unknowingly by him, been a great inspiration for me to finally take my writing seriously. What Chris is achieving over at Modiphius is phenomenal (check out the secret war post) and has influenced me to open up my creativity beyond the loving and nourishing circle that are my friends and family.

It’s been rather a steep learning curve so far, not least of which being learning the nuances of WordPress, but I’ve managed to submit two pieces of fiction to Modiphius, both of which are set in the Mutant Chronicles universe. I’ve also submitted two pieces of gaming literature to the folks over at Onyx Path based on the Pathfinder RPG produced by Paizo. These two pieces are set in the much loved Scarred Lands that Onyx Path are working to resurrect. Rest assured, when I hear from either, so will you!

I’ll get this site finished, keep my blog updated regularly and post updates on any writing I undertake. I also plan to use this forum as a link to a Scarred Lands campaign I have running at the moment, take a look when the link is up if you’re interested.

That’ll be all for my first post now. Please feel free to leave me some feedback or look me up on facebook or twitter, they will help me to grow and learn. Alternatively, please drop me an email:

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Thanks for your time, consideration and (potentially) comments 🙂

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